LRT-NET Szolgáltató Zrt.

The LRT-Net Kft. The LRT-NET Service Plc.'s Predecessor was established in February 2009 to operate various cable television networks. The LTD. Was transformed into Ltd. RX-01 January 2012. Former employees of the company, using its experience in similar fields trying to serve the operated areas to customers' needs. In areas where the LRT-NET Plc. The operator of telecommunication networks there has also established its own everywhere. In order to serve more customers' needs, the company attaches importance to personal relationships and local characteristics into account. Therefore, in recent years it has developed good relations with the leadership of the settlements. The country's rural regions of different partners providing high-quality cable television and Internet services from the networks operated by us for many years. Cable television program structure next to the popular foreign language channels, some channels can also be found, which provide an opportunity for subscribers to be able to practice in that foreign language. High-speed Internet package they offer everyone can find the ideal solution. Our company is proud that despite the difficult economic situation can successfully operate in regions which are considered to be disadvantaged in the country. The LRT-NET Plc. Capital strength, technical equipment and staff experience and expertise enables high-quality and continuous network operation utmost satisfaction of subscribers.